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Dosage and Usage for Kratom and Kava

Kratom New User Guide

Kratom is a plant predominantly from Southeast Asia that has been traditionally used as a harm reduction tool for various ailments. It is a holistic alternative to many standard remedies in use today. As a member of the coffee family, users report experiencing either a calming effect or a more uplifting effect depending on the dose. Historically this plant has aided individuals in regaining a higher quality of life physically and mentally. It has been significantly useful after experiencing physical trauma or lifelong inhibitions that have led to day to day challenges.

Nano Kratom vs. Regular Kratom:

  • Compared to regular kratom, nano kratom has been micronized into a fine powder that is easier on the digestive tract, it is smoother, mixes easier, and has a much better mouthfeel.
  • How to take Powdered Kratom for the First Time:
  • This method is called a “Toss n’ Wash” and is a common way of taking kratom
  • Take 2 scoops using a white Botava scoop (3g leveled off, 5g mounded)
  • Mix with an acidic 10 oz drink and shake well (room temp. Liquid mixes easier than cold ones)
  • Drink ⅓-½ of the mixture and wait for 30-45 minutes to assess the effects
  • Remember, you can always take more, never less. Begin with small doses over an extended period of time and adjust as needed
  • With kratom, once you feel good, you don’t feel “better”. Kratom doesn’t work like most herbs where if you take more, it increases the effect. Different users report different experiences based on their biochemistry and different experiences/body tolerances.
  • Kratom can also be steeped into a tea (Check out our website for the How-To!)


Kratom Dosage/Tips:

  • A dose of 8 grams or less is reported to be on the more energetic side
  • A dose of 10 grams or more is said to be sedating
  • It’s important to mix with an acid (i.e. orange juice, citric acid, lemon juice, coffee, etc.) to reduce bitterness, increase bioavailability and pull out the alkaloids.
  • Users report typical doses between 3-10g taken 1-5 times a day depending on the user.


Other Suggestions:

  • It is traditional to have kava before or during kratom consumption.
  • Taking a break of 24 hours per week from kratom is recommended to reset tolerance and substitute with kava to alleviate symptoms.
  • Eating a meal first can help reduce stomach upset; brewed kratom is also easier to digest.
  • Drink lots of water! Kratom can be very dehydrating.
  • A pinch of Magnesium Citrate can help with “backing up” that occurs when drinking plant material.
  • We recommend a once-weekly, 24-hour ‘tolerance break’ to reset your tolerance.

Kava New User Guide

Kava is a plant predominantly from the south pacific islands that has been traditionally used as an alternative to the common relaxation methods used in everyday life. It lowers your cortisol levels and affects your GABA receptors in similar ways common stress relieving libations do, but without a hangover or incoherent state by the end of the night. It has been reported to provide a calming, “feel good” vibe that induces the dream state. 


Micronized vs. Non-Micronized vs. Brewable: 

The micronized Kava Botava carries is kava root ground down into a fine powder and is considered an instant kava that doesn’t require the traditional brewing methods. Users report a “melt in the couch, heavy” kind of feel. Non-micronized kava is kava root that’s been brewed then dehydrated into a fine powder that has a smooth finish. It is also considered instant and  consumers have reported feeling more of a “heady” effect. If you have a sensitive stomach, non-micronized can be easier on the tummy because less actual plant material is being consumed. Brewable is the traditional way of preparing kava and is said to have a longer lasting and increased effects. (Check out our website for the How-To!)


How to Take Instant Kava for the First Time (2 ways):

Way 1:

  • Mix 1oz of Instant  Kava with  filtered water and chocolate nut milk(or anything fatty) in a 32oz container-a 3:1 mixture
  • Shake/Stir aggressively and then let sit for 5-10 minutes to let the kava settle.
  • Start with drinking 4oz (2 shot glasses or so)  and see how you feel, drinking more every 30 minutes or so until you find your “sweet spot”.


Way 2:

  • Use a Botava White scoop (3g leveled off, 5g mounding) and start with 3-5 grams of instant Kava
  • Mix with a fatty liquid (such as a chocolate nut milk) 
  • Redose every 15-20 minutes until the desired effect is reached.


Kava Dosage/Tips:

  • Lower doses of kava (6g or less) is said to produce a calming, relaxing effect whereas higher doses(8g or more) of kava produce a more sedating, “couch lock” effect
  • It is important to mix with something fatty (i.e. a nut milk, dairy, MCT oil, etc.) to help the bioavailability and your body’s digestion process
  • Kava has been said to have a reverse tolerance for some people
  • Kava has a mouth numbing effect
  • It is also traditional to have a kava shell before or while taking kratom
  • Drink lots of water! Kava can be dehydrating.


Who/What is Botava?

We are Botava; a women-led Kratom and Kava spot that takes pride in carrying the highest quality Kratom, Kava, and other herbs at unbeatable prices. All of our products are 3rd party tested for potency and safety, and follow Fair Trade best practices . We aim to provide the knowledge to help you make the most educated decisions about alternatives to increase the quality of your life.  Live the Botava Life!

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