Colorado SB23-147 Kratom Consumer Protection Act

Colorado SB23-147 Kratom Consumer Protection Act

Significant Development in Colorado’s Kratom Legislation: An Update for the Kratom Community

In a recent and crucial development regarding kratom legislation in Colorado, Senate Bill 23-147, which proposed a new regulatory structure for kratom, was postponed indefinitely by the Senate Committee on Finance. This development, which occurred on February 28, 2023, marks a significant moment for kratom retailers, consumers, and advocates in the state.

Background of Senate Bill 23-147

Introduced by Senators Sullivan and Ginal, Senate Bill 23-147 aimed to establish a regulatory framework for kratom within the Department of Revenue. The bill’s intention was to navigate the intricacies of kratom sale and consumption, ensuring safety and compliance. However, in an unexpected turn of events, the sponsors of the bill requested it to be postponed indefinitely.

Implications for Kratom Retailers and Consumers

The postponement of SB23-147 means that the previous deadline set for July 2024, which required kratom retailers to comply with the new act, is now null and void. This development brings a sigh of relief to many in the kratom community, including businesses like Botava in Fort Collins, which have been closely monitoring the situation.

For kratom retailers, this postponement translates to an extended period without the pressure of immediate compliance with new regulations. It provides an opportunity to continue operations as usual while staying informed about any future legislative changes.

The Future of Kratom Legislation in Colorado

The indefinite postponement of SB23-147 does not signify the end of kratom legislation in Colorado. It’s essential for kratom retailers, users, and advocates to stay engaged and informed about any future legislative initiatives. The kratom community must continue to advocate for fair and reasonable regulations that protect consumers while allowing for the responsible sale and use of kratom.

Botava’s Commitment

At Botava, we are committed to providing our customers with high-quality kratom and kava products. We understand the importance of staying abreast of legal developments that affect our industry and our customers. We assure our customers and the community that we will continue to follow best practices in our operations and stay informed about any changes in legislation.


The postponement of SB23-147 is a pivotal moment for the kratom community in Colorado. It underscores the importance of continued advocacy and engagement in legislative processes. As we move forward, Botava remains dedicated to serving our community with excellence and integrity, ensuring that our customers have access to safe and quality products.

Note: For more detailed information about the bill and its proceedings, please visit the Colorado General Assembly website here.

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