Super knowledgeable and friendly. I would highly recommend for anyone looking to shop or learn more.

Brandon B.

This place is super awesome. Incredibly knowledgeable staff and super friendly. Definitely worth stopping in if you have any questions

Ben C.

Amazing store with a super friendly and helpful owner! It was nice to have someone to answer questions and guide us in helping choose our strains. This is a great shop to check out for kratom enthusiasts and people who are interested in learning more about kratom!

Loralye J.

Botava Kratom is AMAZING!! My husband and I have been a Kratom user for quite some time and nothing has ever come close to the quality of Botava. I have also been highly impressed with the knowledge the owners have when it comes to Kratom. They both take their time educating you and also treat you the way a customer should be treated. I highly recommend Botava to anyone who uses Kratom and to anyone that is considering using it. I promise Botava will not let you down!
Thank you Botava

Casie W.

The owner is amazing, friendly and very informative! I enjoyed all the information and the products she has to offer. Kratom is very useful and healthy physically and mentally. Can't wait to go back and purchase more items. I have been personally dealing with anxiety and pain and taking pharmaceuticals is not a healthy way to go. I immediately felt better and relieved. I definitely recommend this place!! Most places that sell kratom and kava usually don't know what they are selling or don't have alot of background on the products. I really appreciate you!!

Malissa G.

For years I took several different medications a day. I was physically dependent on them, and hated it. Someone close to me suggested I try Kratom and though it wasn't an instant fix I have been so very grateful for discovering it. Especially when I broke my ankle. Rather than using meds for pain control I found that Kratom was a welcomed answer then as well.I have lived all over Colorado and never experienced such knowledgeable, kind, and truly caring staff. It is a gem, and such a rare find that Fort Collins is so incredibly lucky to have. I would drive hours if I needed to to make sure that they exclusively had my business.

Suzy Q.

This place is incredible. Not only are the vibes immaculate, but the energy and employees are marvelous. Quinn was so magical. I can't even put into words how much he helped me. 10/10 would recommend!

Kayla U.

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